Demos and games written in XC=BASIC 3. If you'd like to show your work to the World, send it to me and I'll post it here.

Delve Deeper

by Griffon

Delve Deeper is a heretical rogue-like dungeon crawler for the Commdore 64, written in XC=BASIC!



A Pac-Man clone implemented in XC=BASIC.

3D Labyrinth


An XC=BASIC program in which you can explore a procedurally generated maze in 3D.

PET Packman

by Dave Duke

A Pacman clone for the Commodore PET 2022 with custom character ROM.

The Daring Rescue of Pacuvia the Sheep

by Diduz

A short, bizarre, traditional interactive fiction game for C64, Amiga, MS-Dos, Windows and Tandy Model 100.

Download from (includes source code)

Superchase Remix

by JJFlash

A maze game for the Commodore 64 where you try to collect as much treasure as possible, while the Monster of Dungeons tries to stop you!

Superchase Remix on | Source code

Ad Astra

by Orlof

A slow paced 2D space “simulator” where you mine asteroids, improve your ship, and finally save the world!

Ad Astra game and source code on GitHub

Release Announcement Demo

by Neils

A little demo written to celebrate the release of XC=BASIC 3 after more than a year of development.

Release on CSDB | Source code on GitHub