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VIC-20 C16 Plus/4 C64 C128 M65

The PRINT# command outputs one or more values to a previously opened file. Use the OPEN statement to open the file first.


PRINT #<logical_file_no>, <expression> [,|; <expression>] ... [;]
  • <logical_file_no> must evaluate to a number between 0 and 15 and must refer to a file that was previously opened using the OPEN command.
  • The subsequent expressions will be written to the file as STRING.
  • If a comma (,) is used between two expressions, the records will be separated with a comma character.
  • If a semicolon (;) is used between two expressions, the expressions will be concatenated, and thus they will form a single record.
  • A newline character will close the list of expressions, unless the statement ends with a semicolon (;).


File I/O commands are not implemented for the Commodore PET.


See INPUT# for an example.

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