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PET VIC-20 C64 C16 Plus/4 C128 X16 M65

Output strings and numbers on the currently selected screen, at the current cursor position.


PRINT <expression> [ ,|; <expression>] ... [;]

Expressions can be of any type, excluding user-defined types. Expressions are separated with commas (,) or semicolons (;).

  • If the separator is a comma, the cursor will be moved to the next tab position. A tab is 10 characters wide.
  • If the separator is a semicolon, the cursor will not be moved.

A semicolon at the end of the statement will prevent printing a newline after the last printed expression.


PRINT "hello world"
PRINT "the value of myvar is "; myvar; " and that of anothervar is "; anothervar
REM -- tabular output
a = 10 : b = 20 : c = 30
PRINT a, b, c