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The CHARAT command outputs a single character at the given X and Y position of the currently selected screen without affecting the cursor position.


CHARAT <x_pos>, <y_pos>, <screencode> [, <color>]
  • <x_pos> must be between 0 and the screen width minus one
  • <y_pos> must be between 0 and the screen height minus one
  • <screencode> must be between 0 and 255
  • <color> is optional, it must be between 0 and 15 if provided. If not provided, the character color will be whatever value happens to be in its Color RAM location.


The runtime library will not check if the X and Y values are within the screen boundaries. Providing wrong values will lead to writing to memory locations outside the screen memory, thus potentially damaging the program or data. Use it with care.


Color values between 8 and 15 will set the character to multicolor mode on the Commodore VIC-20.


REM put an 'A' character near the center of the screen
CHARAT 20, 10, 1
REM put a 'B' character in the top left corner of the screen, in yellow
CHARAT 0, 0, 2, 7

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