Usage in GUI

The recommended application to edit and compile XC=BASIC programs is XC=EDIT by Oliver Hermanni. It supports the entire development process without having to use the command line at all.

Command line usage

XC=BASIC source programs can be compiled to machine code with a single command.

Usage in Windows:

xcb.bat source.bas target.prg

Usage in Linux:

./xcb source.bas target.prg

Usage in macOS:

./xcbmac source.bas target.prg

That's all you have to use in most of the cases. You can also use the binaries in the bin/ directory if you want to see and debug the intermediate assembly listing.

The command line usage of the binary is:

xcbasic64 source.bas > target.asm

You can omit the output redirection if you just want to see the result on the screen.

The target then can be compiled using DASM:

dasm target.asm

Or using a singe line command:

xcbasic64 source.bas > target.asm && dasm target.asm
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