Game and demo gallery

The following programs were written in XC=BASIC. If you've written a working XC=BASIC program, please add it to the examples/ directory in the develop branch of the GitHub repo and submit a PR. Or you can just send it to me to feketecsaba dot gmail dot com.


The first working game ever written in XC=BASIC, yet with v0.9. It's a very simple implementation of the classic Snake game.

Source code

Maze generator

Implementation of the classic algorithm by Raeto Collin West, ported to XC=BASIC by Oliver Hermanni.

Source code


A full-feature logic puzzle game to demonstrate the capabilities of XC=BASIC version 2.0. Ported from the game found at

Source code


XC=BASIC Implementation of the demo effect by groepaz/hitmen to demonstrate the capabilities of version 2.1.

Source code

XCB Invaders

This game is a work in progress and is planned to be shipped with the final version 2.1.

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