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print <any expression or string> [, <any exrpession or string>, ...] [;]

The PRINT command prints strings or numbers (values of any expression) on the screen using the KERNAL CHAROUT routine. Any number of arguments are accepted. The arguments must be separated with a comma (,). A RETURN character ($0D) will be printed after the last printed value.


print "hello world"
print "the value of myvar is ", myvar, " and that of anothervar is ", anothervar
print "let's print the value of an expression: ", (486 + y) * 3

ASCII strings will be converted to PETSCII in compile-time.

Suppressing the line feed

Just like in CBM BASIC, the ; (semicolon) operator at the end of the statement will prevent printing a newline after the last printed expression. (In version 2.2 and up)