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@ (address of)

Since version 1.1

Used within an expression, the @ operator returns the memory address of the variable or label that it is prepended to, as an integer.


rem define a new variable
let x=1
rem retrieve information about the variable
print "the value of x is ", x
print "the address of x is ", @x

A more typical usage of the @ operator is to resolve the address of a label. Please refer to this example for demonstration.

Resolving addresses of array members

Since version 2.1 it is possible to get the address of an array member using the following syntax:

dim x[5]
print "address of the 2nd array member: ", @x[1]

Resolving the address of a procedure or function

Since version 2.2.04 it is possible to get the address of a procedure or function:

proc myproc

print "entry point of myproc is: ", @myproc