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 ===== Command line usage ===== ===== Command line usage =====
-Since version 1.0, the DASM executable is included in the project and **XC=BASIC** ​sources ​can be compiled to machine code using a single command.+**XC=BASIC** ​source programs ​can be compiled to machine code with a single command.
 Usage in Windows: Usage in Windows:
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  ./xcbmac source.bas target.prg  ./xcbmac source.bas target.prg
-That's all you have to use in most of the cases. ​However, you can still use the binaries in the ''​bin/''​ directory to see and debug the intermediate assembly listing.+That's all you have to use in most of the cases. ​You can also use the binaries in the ''​bin/''​ directory ​if you want to see and debug the intermediate assembly listing.
-The command line usage of the binarry ​is:+The command line usage of the binary ​is:
  xcbasic64 source.bas > target.asm  xcbasic64 source.bas > target.asm